Why Accept Cards?

Find out about the benefits of accepting card payments in your business today.

Increased Sales

Consumers spend more when they’re not constrained by cash on hand. By accepting credit and debit cards, consumers will purchase higher-margin products as well as specialty items. And they just might visit your client’s business more often.


Consumers appreciate service businesses that allow them the flexibility to pay the way they want to pay – including by credit or debit card. Happier customers lead to more loyal customers.

Currency Conversion

Electronic payments on Visa and MasterCard are settled in the currency in which businesses sell their goods and services, regardless of where the cardholder is from. If the business sells in US dollars, that is how the business will be paid.

Improved Efficiency

Card transactions today are conducted electronically. These paperless payments can save businesses time and money by minimising cash handling and payment reconciliation, giving businesses the flexibility to do more important things – like managing and growing their client base.

Speed Of Checkout

Consumers get through checkout faster with electronic payment processing – there’s no need for the merchant to count change or wait for a check to be written.


Businesses that accept credit cards and debit cards typically have less cash on hand. With lower volumes of cash, businesses are less susceptible to theft and pilfering.

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