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Credit Card Terminals

Introducing our top of the line merchant services to the businesses. We are proud to be the number #1 transparent company with no HIDDEN fees on your credit card terminals.

We are also proud for our state of the art terminals and cloud based software for your business.

Whatever your business needs are, KOICOMS will be able to help you.

The Journey

Send Us Your statement

Provide us with your last months statement that shows all your transactions and fees included. Our experts will analyse your statement and provide you with a side by side comparison which includes your GUARANTEE savings.

Business Proposal

Once you’ve had time to savour your savings, we’ll give you a very quick call (lasting no more than 10 mins) to go over your new proposal. Our team of experts will guide you through the comparison explaining each step of the way.

Review And Sign

Now you’ve chosen KOICOMS as your merchant service provider, we would need to get you a new merchant account. Send us all the required proofs and our underwriting team will process your new contract immediately. Once it is signed it usually takes 3-5 business days to approve your new account.

Welcome To KOICOMS

Thats it! Enjoy your new card terminal and your savings. Now your business is future proofed with the latest technology available to receive card payments. You can now relax as we take care of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find some of the most common questions asked in the merchant services.

Are your payment systems PCI-DSS Compliant?

  • Believe it or not, PCI compliance is not federally mandated. In other words, merchant services providers are not legally obligated to follow the strict security standards set forth by the credit card industry. So it's vitally important that your business chooses a provider whose network and equipment are in full compliance and utilizing the latest security protocols. KOICOMS card terminals have the latest PCI level 5 and provide the latest security standars.

What is the average deposit time for funds?

  • The most common deposit time is T+3 (Today plus 3 business days) where your funds reach your bank account. The reason most merchant service providers uses 3 business days to settle, is due to the risk factor involved in a transaction. KOICOMS is offering Next day funding to the customers as an option.

Is there any extra cost if my business takes payments over phone?

  • Most merchant service providers in the UK charge extra fees on top of a Card Not Present transaction. At KOICOMS when you receive a payment over the phone, we do not charge you anything extra other than the usual rate for the card.

What is my rate?

  • The debit and credit card rate depends on various factors. At KOICOMS we will provide you with the proper information if you are switching to us by doing a Side-By-Side Comparison. You can find out more here.

What is my contract length?

  • KOICOMS provides various options of contracts to cover every business need. We offer from 30 days up to 60 months agreements. KOICOMS also offers the option to buyout the terminal and have no contract.

Are there any premium fees?

  • Once you have joined KOICOMS, you will see that we do not charge any hidden/premium fees to your business. Our transparent pricing is simple and efficient.

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