Together we can overcome COVID-19

In these hard times where our day to day life is changing, we need to keep our hopes up for better days.

KOICOMS is utilising the business partnerships, to contribute to the greater good in these hard times.

We have decided to raise funds and donate PPE equipment to the front liners of our country, where they are in need of such equipment to fight this horrible pandemic and keep us safe.

We have started a fundraiser through gofundme, where anyone can help us raise money to buy personal protective equipment for our doctors, nurses and anyone who requires them to fight this disease.

Funds raised, will go towards PPE equipment and vaccine research facilities.

Protecting our future Stay Safe

Why do we need your help raising funds?

Project Protea Flower is a Non Profit fundraiser for the UK.

We want to raise funds to help research a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus and any future biological virus like this one.

We will also supply the front liners with Personal Protective Equipment which is in dire need to keep us safe.

The Protea Flower funds are to be distributed to the UK’s charitable organisations, hospitals, care homes, research facilities.

The main meanings of the Protea Flower are Courage, Diversity, Transformation and Daring.

We believe the above meanings represents how us humans are dealing with the current situation of the Virus.

Your support will help us contribute to the current situation and continually build a better future in handling  Diseases / Viruses.

We need your help

NHS hospitals are running critically low on PPE & supplies for front line workers – doctors, nurses & healthcare staff who are treating COVID-19 patients. This isn’t just about Scotland,  this is everywhere.

After we help source PPE to hospitals here, we will do our best to distribute to other hospitals around the country based on funding. Ideally we are aiming to bridge any gaps we can, while larger government initiatives are being rolled out, to help keep front line healthcare workers safe.

Last week, we discovered that our connections overseas have suppliers with certified PPE. We have the vetted and trusted manufactures ready to take order and start producing the vital PPE for our NHS & Care services.

NHS Hospitals and staff have confirmed  burn rates of PPE are much higher than expected and currently at critical levels.

Personal Protective Equipment 

We have the contacts for manufacturing  these items, please help by donating so we can start a steady supply to the NHS & Care homes that require the life saving equipment.

This includes hand sanitisers, face masks, respirators, N-95/FPP2/FPP3/KN95, disposable gloves, coveralls, protective eye-wear and Test kits.

We’re starting small with 50,000+ N95 masks and surgical masks and if we are able to raise more funds, we will place additional orders. Every Pound counts. The cost of one N95 mask right now is $2.50 and the prices are rising daily as the influx of need and orders continues to rise. We need to raise as much funds as possible urgently, so we can help get ahead of this need as hospitals continue to reach emergency levels for PPE products.

Our current goal, will allow us to purchase over 50,000 UK & EU approved respirator masks, as well as approved UK & EU KN95 masks.  We have located a reputable supplier and the cost is around $2.50 mask (prices tend to fluctuate daily around this number).

Shipping express with FedEx will cost about $0.80 per mask due to high demand.  The company we are dealing with will ship them directly to the United Kingdom via air freight.  One caveat: subsequent shipments may change in cost due to continuing escalation of global demand (resulting in less masks).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
We are a business that is based in Scotland and we want to make a difference to the world with your help and contribution.

Why aren’t the hospitals & government ordering these masks directly?
Hospitals as well as government agencies are trying their best to procure masks. However, due to supply chain limitations and global competition, they are currently experiencing extreme shortages.

How are you distributing the PPE and masks?
We are in contact with Hospitals and government agencies in  the UK who will help us distribute masks where they are most needed.

Are donations tax deductible?
Currently, donations are not tax-deductible. If you know of a registered charity in this space that would like to sponsor our effort, we would love to partner with them. Until then, we have realised that the need is so urgent that we must move forward and hope that you will donate.

What if you are a healthcare professional in need of PPE?
If we raise additional funds, we will try our best to help get you PPE as quickly as possible. We’ll add a form you can fill out to contact us once we hit our initial goal!

The Goal

We have started this fundraiser with the goal to help those people who fight this pandemic every day and keeps us safe.

Everyone fighting the virus 24/7 in order for us to be safe, must be well equipped with the necessary protective gear.

These people are caring for our health and well being, so the least we can do is try to help by providing the gear they require to keep them safe.

Utilising our partnerships and connections as a business, we will make sure to that we can provide them with what is required.

Every donation is greatly appreciated and will help towards the greater good.

Help us achieve our goal and provide the equipment to fight this pandemic.

Please Stay Safe.

Steven Shaan


Project Protea Flower

We can do this together!