As businesses across the UK, start to open up and running again, KOICOMS will continue to support their payment needs, by providing easy solutions to the difficult post-COVID-19 days.
Taking payments after COVID-19 is more challenging than ever. People are obliged to keep social distancing rules while trying to enjoy their time out. That’s why here at KOICOMS, we want to support your business, so you are best prepared to take payments when customers do return, while also making the most profit.

Contactless Transactions

Our terminal range includes four contactless indicators, to show when the transaction has been securely processed. With the increased contactless limit of £45 in our terminals, your customers can pay quickly and effortlessly. All of our terminals accept Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung pay to accept transactions without using your cards. Our latest technology accepts payments from mobile phones and smart watches without the need of entering a PIN number to the terminal. This ensures that your business and your customers are protected by any unnecessary touches which can spread the Covid19.


Receipt functionality into our terminals have the option to not print a customer receipt and avoid any unnecessary touches. Customers can view their receipts online from their banking application or via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay which is enabled on our terminals.

No Hidden Fees

Restarting your business will be hard at start, but with our transparent pricing we will help you get back on track. KOICOMS is offering full transparency to all our customers with no hidden fees. When your business opens up, you will not have to pay any premiums for our services.

If you are interested in our services, please fill in the following form and a representative will be in contact with you soon: Request a Callback